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SDOS 1988_Birds_of_Shoreham
Edited by John Newnham

1988, 137 pages

SDOS 2003_50_years_of_Birdwatching (1)-1
Edited by Brianne Reeve & Terry Hicks. 

1st Edition 2003 ISBN 0-9546710
200 pages

Annual Reports 1953-2012

Shoreham Ornithological Society
Annual Reports 1953-1980
Cover of the 1953 Report
Shoreham District Ornithological Society  Annual Reports 1981-2000
SDOS 029_1981-1
Shoreham District Ornithological Society
Annual Reports 2001-2012
SDOS 051_2003-(1)-1

SDOS Newsletters 2007-2011