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The SDOS 'Recording Area'


Birdwatching Sites in Our Local Area

The locations identified on the map and listed in the key below are those that, over the years, have been places visited by members for observing and recording birds. Before the days when observation records could be logged on-line using Bird Track, records were maintained by SDOS and these contributed to the County records. This map shows what was defined as the 'SDOS Recording Area' for this purpose, and the names of the locations will still often be used in User Group posts.

Recording Area Sites

Key to Site Codes:

(CP) after the location name indicates Car Park.

1 Applesham Farm TQ194071

2 Beeding Brooks TQ196116

3 Beeding Cement Works TQ199086

4 Benfield Valley TQ256078

5 Bineham Bridge TQ190151

6 Blackpatch Hill TQ096095

7 Bramber Castle TQ185107

8 Brighton Marina TQ337031

9 Broadmare Common TQ216150

10 Brooklands TQ172034

11 Buckingham Park TQ221059

12 Castle Goring TQ102055

13 Chanctonbury TQ139120

14 Chantry Hill (CP) TQ086119

15 Chantry Mill Pond TQ092128

16 Cissbury Ring (CP) TQ139084

17 Clapham Woods TQ097065

18 Clayton Hill (CP) TQ302133

19 Cockroost Hill TQ245087

20 Coombes TQ190082

21 Cuckoo Corner TQ201068

22 Devil's Dyke (CP) TQ259111

23 Ditchling Beacon TQ333129

24 Ferring Rife (CP)TQ091105

25 Flood Arch TQ208047

26 Glebe Farm TQ182113

27 Golding Barn TQ207108

28 Goring Gap TQ102019

29 Halewick Tip (historic) TQ173066

30 Harrow Hill TQ081099

31 Highdown Hill TQ093041

32 Hollingbury Camp TQ322078

33 Holt Farm TQ104049

34 Hove Lagoon TQ266046

35 Ilex Wood TQ098025

36 King's Barn TQ188117

37 Ladies Mile LNR (CP) TQ318093

38 Ladywell TQ194068

39 Lancing Ring (CP) TQ182062

40 Long Furlong TQ093082

41 Lower Standean TQ315115

42 Lychpole Hill TQ152071

43 Malthouse Meadow TQ157050

44 Michelgrove TQ082083

45 Mill Hill (CP) TQ211074

46 Mumbles (no public access) TQ182117

47 Nepcote (CP) TQ128085

48 New Erringham Farm TQ215082

49 New Salts Farm TQ204047

50 Newtimber Hill TQ272124

51 No Mans Land TQ150098

52 Old Erringham Farm TQ205076

53 Old Salts Farm TQ191044

54 Oreham Common TQ222140

55 Patching Pond TQ088056

56 Power Station TQ246048

57 Rock Common TQ126136 

58 Saddlescombe TQ272114

59 Sandgate Sand Pit TQ101140

60 Sheepcote Valley TQ340046

61 Shoreham Airport TQ205055

62 Shoreham Fort (CP) TQ233046

63 Shoreham Sanctuary TQ210066

64 Sompting Brooks TQ162041

65 Southwick Canal TQ247049

66 Southwick Hill TQ240077

67 Spithandle Lane TQ146142

68 St Anne's Well Gdns. TQ299049

69 St Botolphs TQ193093

70 Stanmer Park TQ337096

71 Steep Down TQ168078

72 Steyning Mill Pond TQ172114

73 Steyning Round Hill TQ167104

74 Storrington Mill Pond TQ088144

75 Stretham Manor TQ200137

76 Stump Bottom TQ150087

77 Sullington Warren TQ095144

78 Sweet Hill TQ289099

79 Tegdown Hill TQ313103

80 Truleigh Hill TQ227106

81 Upper Adur Levels TQ198141

82 Wappingthorne TQ168134

83 Warren Hill TQ117139

84 Washington Bostal TQ121121

85 Washington Sandpits TQ125134

86 Waterhall TQ294093

87 Widewater (CP)TQ204043

88 Wild Park (CP) TQ331080

89 Wiston Pond TQ163126

90 Withdean Park TQ300077

91 Wolstonbury Hill TQ284138

92 Woods Mill (CP) TQ218137

93 Woodvale Cemetery TQ328056

94 Worthing Crematorium TQ112097

95 Wyckham Farm TQ190130 

CP is for the car park