Where To Watch Birds in Our Area

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For additional sites, including 6-figure grid references, see SDOS SITE LIST

Recording Areas

Our Local Area

What we define as our 'local' area (and, in the past, was our recording area) runs from Ferring Rife in the West to the Brighton Marina in the East and from the coast as far inland as Henfield Levels in the North.

The western boundary of the SDOS area is O.S. Easting 08 including Ferring Rife; part of Harrow Hill and Chantry Hill.

The eastern boundary is Easting 35 including the entire Sheepcote Valley, part of East Brighton golf course and Bevendean Down.

The northern boundary is Northing 15.

Reserves in Our Area

We have two important reserves in our area:-

Please see their individual pages for more information.


To report sightings, both inside and outside our area, we advise that this should be done using  BTO BirdTrack 

Bird Track and the SOS recent sightings page, along with our own User Group, can be used to obtain information on sightings in our area.

Using OS Grid References

if you need help in locating a site from a grid reference, or want to find the grid reference of a site that you wish to identify please download our COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE