Current annual subscriptions, due 1st January are:- 

12 Individual, 18 Joint/Family (at same postal address) 5 Student/Junior.

If you join on or after 1st October your subscription will run until the end of the following year.

Applying to Join

The easiest way to apply is to use our on-line membership system. 


Alternatively you can download an application form from DOCUMENTS. Once completed this can be emailed or posted to the Membership Secretary.

If you are applying on behalf of someone else please make sure that you have their permission. 

For gift memberships contact us.      

Update Your Details/Renew Your Membership

As a member you can access your personal details on-line, make any changes that are necessary and renew your membership at the end of the year.

You do not need a password - you can use email verification instead. 


If you are not familiar with the on-line system you can refer to a guide for members in DOCUMENTS  

Alternatively you can advise the Membership Secretary if any of your details need changing.

Paying Your Subscription

If you join or renew on-line you will receive information on the methods available to pay your subscription, including our bank account details for BACS payments.

Our preferred method of payment is by bank Standing Order which you can easily set up yourself, if you use internet banking, or you can download a Standing Order Mandate form from  DOCUMENTS   

If paying by this method please make the payment date 1st February, and do not forget to add your Initials and last name in the reference field.

Protecting Your Data

As a member you will have supplied to us a limited amount of personal data so that we can operate the Society and communicate with you. Our GDPR Policy can be found in DOCUMENTS.