User Group

New members who opt to join the User Group will receive an invitation shortly after joining. Follow the instructions in the invitation.

If,as a member, you wish to join the User Group at a later date contact the Membership Secretary.

When you have subscribed to the User Group you can

  • Receive messages by email from other User Group members
  • Reply to messages (but please select one of the Reply options at the bottom of the message, rather than use Reply on your email system)
  • post a message to the group, with photos if you wish, by sending an email to:

For more information on 'netiquette' please see User Group Guidelines in DOCUMENTS 

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Our 'User Group' is hosted by a third-party, '' based in California, USA. While this company aims to comply with European GDPR only your name and email address is held on their servers. 

Click DATA PRIVACY for more information..

Once you have subscribed to our User Group you can, if you wish, register as an advanced user with to enable you to log-in to and access the User Group on your browser. This enables you to view the message 'stack', change the options on how you want to receive your messages (eg Daily Summary or Individual) etc.

If you wish to register click on the icon above, then click 'Log-In' in the  menu bar.and, the first time, click 'email me a link to log-in'. Once logged-in you can set a password for future visits.