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Stanley Allen

Stanley Rowlatt Allen MBE

Extracted from a Shoreham District Ornithological Society publication article written when Stanley was 85:‘…. joining SDOS has led me from raw amateurism to a fanaticism about birds, insatiable even at my age.’

His enthusiasm and zest for supporting ecological and other causes continued to the end in his late 90s.

Supported by Peggy, Stanley became treasurer in 1981, then Chairman and ultimately President. He was a diligent champion of the conservation of important local bird habitats and served on West Sussex County Council’s Widewater Local Nature Reserve committee.

Stanley first knew Widewater as a child in the 1920s. With Peggy this affinity continued through fond memories of family visits to their beach hut. In his later years Stanley would be driven to Widewater by family and was reluctant to leave until he had seen a Kingfisher.