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Long-Tailed Tit

Garden Bird Survey

The Garden Bird Survey

SDOS has been running a Garden Bird Survey in some form or another for over 30 years and society would be pleased to receive records of birds in members' gardens each week throughout the year. If you’d like to take part, please look at the instructions below and let the Garden Bird Recorder know (see Contacts). 

If you’d like some help identifying the birds you are likely to see in your garden, our friends at Henfield Birdwatch have a handy guide

Annual Reports

Icon SDOS Report Garden Birds 2018.pdf

Icon SDOS Report Garden Birds 2019.pdf

Survey Forms

You can download quarterly survey forms here:-

2021 Quarter 1 Icon SDOS GARDEN BIRD SURVEY 2021 1.doc
2021 Quarter 2 Icon SDOS GARDEN BIRD SURVEY 2021 2.doc
2021 Quarter 3
2021 Quarter 4

Completing the Survey Form

Please record the maximum number of each species seen at any one time during each week, for example if you see 2 Blue Tits on Monday and 3 on Wednesday, then enter 3, not 5!.  

Count only birds using your garden in some way, not just flying over. Please add other species seen. 

The form is designed to be easy to complete by those who keep records for the BTO Garden BirdWatch.  

If you cannot record any week, just leave it blank. But do please send in the form even if you have only been able to complete a few weeks.